1. Complete the on-line application in our leasing office or from the comfort of your own home.  Please be prepared to submit payment for your security deposit, which is equal to one month's rent, and $55 application fee upon the completion and submission of your application.

All undergraduate applicants will be required to provide 2 parental co-signers to complete a guarantor section of the application, which can also be completed on-line.  If you can only provide 1 parental co-signer, please contact the office for assistance.

Graduate/ professional applicants will be required to provide proof of income.  In order to qualify for a lease, the monthly rental rate cannot exceed 35% of your monthly income (before taxes).  If your monthly rental rate does exceed 35% of your income, then co-signers will be required.
2. Once your application is received and approved, you (and your co-signers) will be required to sign an electronic lease.  Once all signatures have been acquired, your lease will be signed by a broker and finalized.  You can access your lease on-line through your personal resident portal.  In July, you will receive more information regarding the move-in process. 

Thank you for visiting The Apartment Store!  We will begin accepting applications and security deposits for our 2024-2025 wait list immediately.  If you are interested in securing an apartment in a specific building or a specific type of unit, please read the following instructions thoroughly.  Feel free to call our office with any questions!

Current resident guests have until October 20, 2023, to renew their current leases.  Apartments that are not renewed will be assigned to applicants on the wait list.  Current resident guests who wish to transfer from one property to another will receive first priority.  Then, assignments will be made in the order in which applications and security deposits were received and approved.  All assignments will be assessed individually, assigning each applicant’s first choice that is available.  IF YOU ARE ASSIGNED TO ONE OF YOUR APARTMENT CHOICES, YOU ARE OBLIGATED TO SIGN A LEASE FOR THE ENTIRE LEASE TERM.  IF WE CANNOT ASSIGN YOU TO ANY OF YOUR APARTMENT CHOICES, YOU WILL BE RELEASED FROM YOUR APPLICATION AND WILL RECEIVE YOUR SECURITY DEPOSIT BACK IN FULL.

CREDIT APPLICATION/ WAIT LIST DISCLAIMER AGREEMENT:  Submit one credit application per person intending on living in the apartment, along with a Rental Wait List Agreement signed by all applicants.

APARTMENT CHOICES:  When you submit the Rental Application and Wait List Disclaimer, you must provide a list of the types of apartments or specific buildings in which you are interested.  Your list may be up to 3 apartment choices, but you cannot change your choices once submitted.  BE SURE TO ONLY LIST APARTMENTS THAT YOU WILL BE HAPPY LIVING IN, BECAUSE ONCE YOU ARE ASSIGNED AN APARTMENT, YOU ARE OBLIGATED TO THE LEASE TERMS.

SECURITY DEPOSIT & APPLICATION FEE:  In addition to the paperwork mentioned above, applicants must submit a full security deposit equal to one month’s rent of the first apartment choice, plus a $55 per person application fee.  This can be paid by check, money order or online with a credit card.  All security deposits and application fees will be deposited immediately.  If you are assigned an apartment other than your first choice, any difference in security deposit must be paid in full immediately.  If we cannot assign you to an apartment that matches one of your choices, you will receive your security deposit and application fee back in full. 
All remaining apartments will be available for showings and leasing beginning October 23, 2023.
All showings are by appointment only. Appointments will be in person or virtual as permissible by state and local health guidelines at that time.

When should I submit my application and security deposit?  DO NOT submit an application and security deposit until you are 100% certain that you want to live in one of your apartment choices.  Once submitted, you are obligated to stay on the Wait List and accept the lease terms for your assigned apartment choice without having the opportunity to see the apartment.

How many apartment choices can I list when I apply?  You can list up to 3 apartments, but make sure that you will be just as happy living in your last choice as your first choice.  Remember, if you are offered one of your choices, you are obligated to sign the lease without seeing the apartment first.

Do all of my roommates have to come to the office to get on the wait list?  As long as you have a completed Credit Application, signed Wait List Disclaimer Form and $55 application fee from each applicant, along with a full security deposit, all roommates do not have to be approved for the wait list.

When can I see my assigned apartment?  Wait List applicants who receive an apartment assignment are obligated to sign the lease without seeing the apartment first.  Since many of our resident guests just moved into their apartments in August, we feel it is too early to show their apartments before our leasing season begins on October 23, 2023 Showings will be done by appointment only Monday-Friday between 9:00am and 4:00pm.  Once you have been assigned an apartment, please call the office to schedule an appointment that works best for all roommates.

When will I know if I’ve been assigned to one of my apartment choices?  ­We will notify all applicants on the Wait List by end of business day on Monday, October 23, 2023.


Please read all necessary paperwork thoroughly and discuss your choice with your parents first.  WE DO REQUIRE COSIGNERS FOR ALL OF OUR UNDERGRADUATE APARTMENTS.  Cosigner signatures are not required to stay on the Wait List; however, cosigners will be required to fill out a financial form documenting their Social Security numbers once you are assigned an apartment.
If you have any questions about our leasing process or any of our properties or apartments, please call The Apartment Store at (814) 234-6860 or visit us online at



As always, please feel free to contact our office with any questions! 
*All applicants and co-signers may be subject to a credit check for approval. 
Sample lease provided outlines The Apartment Store terms of leasing. Additional lease addendum may be required depending on property and/or regional location. Please contact our office with any questions.