Move-Out FAQ 

What do I need to do for move-out to comply with local guidelines regarding COVID-19? 

  • • Please limit the number of people helping you move out of your apartment. 

  • • Everyone must wear a mask while inside the apartment building. If you have roommates, it is encouraged that you also wear the proper PPE inside the apartment while around additional family members. 

  • • Please follow all directional signage and arrows in the building to assist with social distancing where indicated. 

  • • Beat the rush. If you are finished with your apartment, please return your keys and provide a forwarding address. Please see below for information on moving out early. 

  • • Complete the Surrender of Possession form before returning your keys. Drop both in the drop slot at the office for a contactless key return or return by mail. If you choose to mail your keys, we strongly suggest using a padded envelope, so keys are not lost during mail processing. 

  • • For the safety of all guests, community members, and our team members, please place all garbage INSIDE a dumpster provided. Any items left in your apartment will be disposed of. You can find additional large roll-off dumpsters throughout State College.

  • • Attached below please find a list of additional guidelines from the State College Borough and University. 


Can I be present for my move-out inspection? 

We understand that some may want to be present for the move-out inspection, and we are here to serve you the best we can. Given the current circumstances, if you would like to be present for the move-out inspection, the following procedures must be followed: 

  • • You must schedule an appointment for your inspection. 

  •  In order to inspect the apartment, the entire apartment must be vacant, and you must be ready to turn over your keys 

  • • Your appointment must be prior to the move-out day indicated on your lease. 

  • Inspections are limited to the inspector and one guest only. 

  • • You must wear your own mask, gloves, and booties. 


What if I have already moved out of my apartment or plan to move out before the end of my lease term? 

Once all guests have completely moved out of your apartment, and the lease term is paid in full, you can return your keys by mail or at the office drop-off. Please print and complete the Surrender of Possession form (below) and include it with your keys. Once we receive everything, we can process your security deposit and return. 


What if I cannot return for my belongings? 

We understand that in extreme circumstances, the COVID-19 pandemic may prevent you from returning for your belongings. If this is the case, please contact our team immediately. For the safety and health of our team, we are unable to move and / or store any personal belongings. However, we can assist you with viable options.